A breezy update

It’s been a little longer than I planned to take a break from the blog, but the list of posts I want to share is growing just as fast as the animals on the farm.

I was determined this week to get at least one gorgeous photo of spring up here and a few sentences on the page. It’s a little trickier now with a newborn, who is happy and healthy, but nonetheless demands a sense of urgency. Just while trying to get this published I’ve had to stop for a phone call, a puppy accident, a couple of baby meltdowns, the doorbell, etc. This just forces me to write faster…no procrastinating or overthinking allowed.

Anyway, the photo above was snapped over Memorial Day weekend from our place. When we saw how picturesque the moment was my husband and I just looked at each other in disbelief. I still can’t get over how beautiful the scenery is–yellow wild flowers, a snow-tipped mountain, majestic evergreen trees, clear blue skies, and now hot air balloons that go floating by.

In fact, our neighbor across the street had one of these hot air balloons make an unscheduled landing in his field the other day. Hot air balloons don’t really have much of a choice about where they land if fuel is getting low, and they may not clear the tree tops in the distance. So a few couples, including one pair who just got engaged, landed on their property not long after sunrise and waited for the ground crew to come get them. The balloon captain offered the neighbors some champagne for their trouble.

That’s not a bad way to start your morning.

With the momentum of this post, I’m hoping to write more in the upcoming weeks about which of our animals may be pregnant, the THOUSANDS of new Wild Olea inhabitants, and our solution to keep pups from rolling in cow poop. We’re also really close to showing off some finished rooms from the renovation.

Stay tuned.

Photo courtesy of my neighbor, Jenny.

3 thoughts on “A breezy update”

  1. I’ve enjoyed all of your posts & pictures. What a great job you two are doing. Do you ever sleep?
    Thank you for sharing your progress with us. Sandy Jensen


    1. Sandy, thanks for the encouragement! We have been really fortunate to have family members come and help us with a lot of these projects or offer to watch the baby so we can nap, work out, or spend quality time together. We definitely cannot take credit for all of the work at Wild Olea. THANKS FAMILY! Sleep with a newborn is never guaranteed, but I definitely can’t complain with our situation.


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