What’s better than one puppy?

If you guessed the answer was two puppies, I would have to say you’re getting warmer. In all truthfulness though, I have spent most of my third trimester taking care of THREE Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies from two different litters. It was an idea that was half crazy and half logical.

I’ll start with the logical part, because a pregnant woman actually has a lot more in common with puppies than you might realize:

  • Bathroom breaks are synchronized: they need to go outside every hour around the time I would be getting up anyway
  • Bursts of energy: they like to wrestle and play with one another. Meanwhile, nesting kicks in, and I instinctually reorganize the baby’s closet for the third time.
  • Nap time: right around the time my energy is on the downhill, they are crashing hard too
  • Food motivated: pregnancy cravings are similar to a puppy eying a treat. If either of us eats too much it’s coming back up (as acid reflux for me).
  • Doctor visits: we’re all on a regimented schedule
  • Smiles: it’s hard not to smile when you see a puppy, and I get a lot more happy looks from strangers these days too
  • Random crying: puppies and pregnant women can be stubborn and emotional when things aren’t going our way

We sleep however we can get comfortable, preferably with pillows!

Puppies are kind of a dress rehearsal for what’s sure to be years of cleaning up after a tiny person and the joys of potty training.

They’re perfect to practice diaper changes on. 

That’s not to say that taking care of a puppy, or two, or three is easy at all. With a pregnant belly, it’s actually quite difficult to chase after them and pick them up. That’s why we quickly bought some harnesses that make scooping them up more natural.

I’ve been asked why we picked Corgis, and I have to admit we’re building on a theme here at the farm. First, we got the Scottish Highland cattle, then the Welsh Corgis, and in a later post I’ll describe our English Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs. Corgis are also known for being good farm and family dogs, and I’ve always wanted one!

The plan is to potty train them all together, and then my mother-in-law will take one of the girl puppies as a companion for her Shih Tzu. Because of the breed’s heritage, we decided to give them all names from the Harry Potter series: Arabella, Honeydukes, and Dobby.

Arabella and Honey are sisters, and Dobby is extra fluffy with different parents from another litter. You can tell the girls apart, because Bella never had her tail docked as a puppy.  Her previous owner was worried that might make it difficult for her to get adopted, since most people have come to expect the cute, wiggly short tails of Corgis. But we weren’t turned away by it, and we think it makes her look a lot like a baby fox.

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