Maker’s Market

In the midst of all the renovation adventures, my husband’s work hosted a handmade market for employees to showcase their hidden talents. There were some culinary experts passing out samples of homemade desserts, jerkies, and beverages (roasted coffee and Kahlua), along with artist drawings, T-shirt designs, and even paintings made with beeswax. One of the most unique tables had an employee demonstrating a party game he had invented with some friends.

My husband and I like to make home decor items together for our personal use and thought it would be fun to show others our style, which is a mix of industrial and farmhouse…city and country. For some of the larger items, we displayed pictures of how we set up the furniture in our house or apartment, rather than transporting everything downtown.

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We’ve had positive feedback in the past when friends have come over to our place and liked some of our decorations, and the market was very similar. Some of the items, like the wine racks, wood cutlet shelves, towel rack, and blanket ladder are better displayed on a wall in the context of a room, so they required a little Vanna White-style interaction to hold them up for people.

We also made some items we’ve never tried before, like succulent planters, a live edge coffee table, and some vases with olive branches.

Succulent planters

Another new item was a gold birdcage basket that we turned into a pendant lamp with a huge, round Edison bulb suspended inside. We also experimented with some photo transfers onto wood cutlets using some really adorable pictures of our cows, but there were only a couple that turned out. Some of the ones we tried to do the same week as the market needed a little tweaking with the amount of solution we used to transfer the photo ink to wood, so they looked a little too rustic to show off.

Our display for the Maker’s Market

Most of these items came back with us, where I’m happy to say they are making the farmhouse feel a lot more like home.

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