The renovation expands

With a plan to deviate from, my husband started tearing out the guest bathroom upstairs. The toilet, sink, and shower had hard-water stains from the minerals in the well water. Even with a deep cleaning, the stains refused to budge and made the whole bathroom feel unsanitary, so we planned to replace them.

During tear out, he found a squishy area of the flooring by the upstairs toilet that indicated a prior leak had been repaired in that area. That toilet was directly above the downstairs laundry room, and since the water was already shut off, he started poking around downstairs to see the extent of the damage.

Tiny footprint of the upstairs bathroom.

Although we didn’t love the layout of the wet rooms downstairs, we were initially going to complete the upstairs renovation before starting more projects. However, it became pretty clear that if we needed to make repairs to the bathroom floor or plumbing upstairs, then there was no reason to hold off on making changes to the laundry/bathroom directly beneath it.

Downstairs we wanted to split the laundry room and bathroom to give them their own entrances and put the access to the garage between them. The laundry room also needed to be a little longer, because the exterior door could not open with our washer and dryer in the room. The door would get caught on the edge of the appliances and would make that access point useless.

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As you can see from the pictures, we tore out both rooms and framed in a longer laundry room with the half bath now taking up some space of a former coat closet. The new layout means someone walking in from the garage can immediately turn right to go into the laundry/mud room.

Those rooms are farther along now, but are not finished. So I’ll wait until they’re completely done to show off pictures. As you can see below, demo took some time and many trips to the dump to get ready for new materials.

Just the start of demo upstairs.


3 thoughts on “The renovation expands”

  1. How did you develop the skills to do these renovations? Did you read books or were you trained in carpentry! That question extends to your husband too!


    1. My husband worked as an apprentice plumber with his uncle while he was a teenager, and he had experience helping his family with renovating homes. This is our third home we’ve worked on together, so I get to learn as we go. We also get some help from YouTube videos, if we need to look up a task, or we ask friends with general contracting experience for advice. Each project we complete gives us more confidence to try something progressively harder, like tile or moving walls.

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      1. Thanks, it is amazing how far one can take an apprenticeship. Reminds me of the good ol’ days-we read about in books. Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your blog. It would be cool if you put up an instructional video!


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