First plan for renovation

As I mentioned in previous posts, we found out the day of closing that we would need to turn one of the bedrooms into a nursery, and air conditioning was going to be a priority. Since we were already staying with family while we worked on getting the water and electricity turned back on, it was a good time to make some changes to the inside of the farmhouse.

The home had been kept up over 30 years and is still in really good shape, but there were some changes we wanted to make in the near term and later down the road. With no disrespect to the previous owners, we really weren’t digging the colors in the house. In actuality, it was just one color over and over.

Starting with country blue siding trimmed in a slightly darker shade of blue on the exterior, the blue theme continued along a large wraparound porch with blue railing and a blue built-in hot tub. Every outbuilding was painted to match, and even the barn roofs were blue.

Back exterior home
If I had to pick a song for this house it would be “I’m Blue” by Eiffel 65. “Blue his house with a blue little window…”

Inside, there was blue carpet throughout the bedrooms and living room, blue blinds, and blue countertops in every bathroom. The previous owner even left a blue couch upstairs after moving out. At some point I’m sure all the matching was quaint, but now I couldn’t wait to pick out something that felt more like our style.

The plan was to focus on the upstairs and get that in working order for the baby’s arrival and for guests that would be coming in the spring and summer. It also made sense to tackle any changes to the staircase, since new carpet would go from the steps throughout the upstairs. We wanted to knock out the wall along the stairs and replace it with metal balusters and a wooden bannister that would help it to feel more open to the downstairs.

The inside of the house is singing, “Blue, oh so lonesome for you,” by LeAnn Rimes.

Upstairs there was a set of French doors opening to a master bedroom on the left. On the right side of the hallway was a linen closet tucked between two bedrooms, which shared a bathroom at the end of the hall. I know the previous owners raised 4 kids in this house, but looking at the size of that bathroom I’m still puzzled how they did it.

We wanted to give guests and kids a little more space in that bathroom by moving the entrance farther back into the hallway and by eliminating the linen closet and turning that into the entrance for the second bedroom.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The bathroom would also borrow some space from the master’s second closet in order to fit the tub and toilet along the same wall.

The closet on the right will be closed off on the master bedroom side to give the guest bathroom more depth.

Some might wonder, “why would you give up the second closet in the master and a linen closet for more bathroom space?” But our plan still is to eventually move the master bedroom downstairs in a future addition that will include a nice walk-in closet and large master bathroom. This room could then be converted to a bonus room or second master. Plus once the second closet was gone, we could fit some furniture on that wall, since there was limited wall space in the current master.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In addition to changes in the layout of the upstairs, we also planned to replace the blue carpet, add some recessed lighting and fans to the bedrooms, replace doors and windows, and replace the thin brown trim with craftsman-style white trim. For the bathrooms, we wanted new toilets, updated showers with tile, new vanities and mirrors, plus tile flooring.

Ambitious? Of course it was. We were still working full time, so the renovation would be our side job when we could make time for it. These are all before pictures, and the real sense of satisfaction is in the after pictures…and they’re coming.



1 thought on “First plan for renovation”

  1. Great post, babe! I love your writing style. It should also be noted that the photographed brightness of the master bedroom represents a talented photographer, not a realistic portrayal of the lighting situation. It was so dark throughout the upstairs!

    Good job. You’re my favorite. 520


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