A sweet surprise at closing

Where I shared the news, the day we closed on the farm.

There has been an obvious time gap between my first post and this one, and that is intentional. I wanted to be able to tell the story of our farm acquisition without leaving out a key detail that colored every decision for months afterward.

Going back to our closing date, which was a Friday, I had planned to meet our real estate agent downstairs at our apartment to get the numerous keys to the farm. My husband was still at work, and while I waited for the agent, I decided to take a home pregnancy test that was lying around.

After a minute or so, I looked down at the test and was shocked. When I saw the result was positive, I just paused for a solid minute to absorb the good news and bask in the secret that only I knew.

We had hoped for this moment for awhile, but with the chaos of mandatory 12-hour shifts at work, interviews for a competitive fellowship, and the paperwork to close on the farm, it didn’t seem like it would be in the cards that month. I just kept looking at the test and softly repeating, “what!?” to myself.

I was ecstatic, but I only had an hour or so to figure out how I would share the news. I thought about the checklists that people make when they begin a new job. I started to type up one that was vague enough to seem like it was about the farm, without immediately giving away what it was really about. The “To Do” list included items about shopping for new outfits, getting a health check up, sharing news with friends, dancing around with joy, and taking lots of pictures.

When my husband got home, it was easy to disguise my excitement by showing him the keys to our new place. Then I handed him the To Do list and watched him read through the checklist with some mild confusion and amusement. In the living room of our apartment, I pointed to the coffee table and told him to open it.

Sitting just inside was the test I had taken. As he opened the lid and grasped the meaning of the list, he backed up a few steps and grabbed the sides of his head as if trying to keep his head from exploding from happiness. Then he scooped me up, and we cried happy tears together. That has to be one of my favorite moments of all time.

Our next stop was to head to Target to go buy more tests to confirm a couple times over that we really were going to be having a baby! Although we weren’t ready to share our secret for awhile, there was now another person to consider creating a nursery for and a hard deadline (due date) to measure our time against.

We spent the next two long, hot days at the farm sweating and realizing our two window air conditioning units were just not going to cut it. And thus began the first of many new plans for a household of 3.

The pug looks how we all felt that weekend on the farm…exhausted, but happy to find a patch of cool shade.

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