We bought a farm

It’s fun to see people do a small double take when they hear those words. “We bought a farm!” After the initial shock wears off, we usually get some follow-up questions:

  1. Why’d you want to do that?
  2. Do you have any experience with farming?
  3. Can I come see it?

This post will hopefully answer some of those questions. To start with, we’ve never lived or worked on a farm before. The closest I’ve come was about a week worth of horse back riding camp in Texas, which my dad likes to tease is where I earned my blue ribbon in poop scooping.

It does seem out of left field to go buy land, when most people my age are moving into big-city apartments and navigating public transit or finding a nice starter home to personalize. We actually went that route first. My husband and I average out into our early 30s, and yet the Wild Olea Farm is going to be our sixth home in five years (three apartments and three houses since we got married).

We had to move a lot because of our jobs, and in the meantime found out that we really loved renovating these temporary homes. On approximately 10 acres, Wild Olea Farm is going to be the biggest project we’ve tackled to date, and our plans have grown equally. We want to fix up the house, raise livestock, plant an orchard, and open an upscale barn wedding venue some day.

The farm is also a chance to better appreciate where food comes from and try a whole new lifestyle. We don’t have any experience taking care of any animals other than our two dogs–a beagle and a pug–but we’re okay with learning as we go.

Some of the best advice we received from a mentor awhile back was, “Don’t trade your youth today for the promise of wealth tomorrow.” So we’re going for it.

Mountain View
This stunning view is the inspiration for a future wedding venue on the property.

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